Tired of boring photos in epic locations? Because 

Wisconsin + destination elopement photographer

Tired of boring photos in epic locations? Because 


Elopement photographers. They're great. But the mistake I see them make over and over? They glorify the landscape and not your love. While the epic locations are, of course, epic; your love is even more. And I am here to make sure that not only is your love captured epically but that you live the experience of it all the same way. A first kiss under a waterfall, your vows in font of glaciers, and your traditional cake cutting turned cake fight. I am ready to make your experience as original and unforgettable as your love, are you?!

I'm known for:

known for:


Wade a river? Climb a tree? Par for the course.


All the sarcasm, quick wit, and romcom quotes you can handle.


Because your love isn't stale like week old potato chips.

Elopement Experience

Wanna ditch distractions? Focus on your faith and love?

What if eloping isn't the opposite of tradition, but instead a return to it? No stress. No drama. No massive bill. Just being fully immersed in your love and commitment to each other while embracing the passion for adventure that God put on your hearts.







As soon as you say "let's do this" I am ready to help you find you perfect ceremony location, take care of permit necessities, figure out what season and time of day is best for coverage, all of the epic activities we can capture along the way, and where to look for an absolutely unforgettable stay.
PLEASE NOTE: This is very much elopement experience specific and if you are doing a micro wedding and wanting more of a wedding planner/day of coordinator that is NOT me BUT I do have some great recommendations for you there :)

Whether you are local or afar, all of my packages include an adventure session that we can style as an engagement session or do the day prior or after your elopement. There is no limit to what we can do during these sessions. I love getting to know my couples during the planning process so that we can come up with the best way to capture your love as well as what activities we can do to make sure you feel the most natural, comfortable, and your love is authentically documented.

Every one says the same thing, "we are not photogenic and we look really awkward in photos". But I can promise you, in front of my camera...you don't. I prompt couples, I don't pose you and I am a PRO at direction. And what I mean by that is that rather than holding still and having a Chandler Bing smile moment, I'll have you wrestle each other, walk with one another, twist and twirl and all the things. Whatever gets us those organic laughs, natural smiles, and adoring looks, that's what we're going for!

"You can just photoshop that out, right?" The short answer, yes. The long answer is anything that is not permanent on your body, I can assure you will not be present in any of your photos. Acne? Gone. Bruises? Nope. However, you were made in God's perfect image and therefore I do not alter how your body actually looks because God proved it himself, it doesn't need to be. BUT! You can bet your bottom dollar that I will make sure phones are out of pockets, hair ties are off wrists, your neckalce isn't backwards, and there is nothing distracting behind you, in front of you, to the side of you, or anywhere near you to take the focus of my photos away from YOU!

I want to make your experience as seamless as possible, so in addition to the planning assistance, you can also relax knowing my travel fees are already included in whichever package we create for you. And because doing this for over a decade has taught me that less isn't always more, each experience also includes a minimum of 7 hours of coverage.



Working with Sarah for our long-awaited elopement in Iceland was an absolute dream and I couldn’t recommend a better photographer!

She not only spent time with us learning our story to work that into capturing beautiful photos but she was super easygoing, a great communicator and always gave us a good laugh (which made the freezing cold so much more bearable).

She is able to be really flexible and creative behind the camera but thoughtful and personable off camera!

The photos she took certainly speak for themselves and look like they are pulled straight from the cover of Vogue!

sarah was so much fun and a joy to be around

She was full of pose ideas and alsways knew how to get the best shots.

Even if it required her to bust out her umbrella hat and get her camera a little wet in the rain. She was very responsive and transparent through email and texting. We wouldn't have wanted anyone else for our day. Also, the pictures/videos are AMAZING! I would 10/10 recommend her and her team to capture your day. She saw our vision, ran with it, and exceeded our expectations. We can't sing her praises enough!

This could be you....

she treats you like you have been friends for years

"Her color tone and style are one of a kind and a HUGE reason why we chose her...

It was a double bonus that she is genuinely kind, funny, and an amazing human being to work with! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer.  We are SO obsessed with our photos and have gotten so many compliments from family, friends, and even friends of friends! If you are looking for the best out there, look no further, Sarah is your girl!"

bringing sexy back


Want to make things a little extra sweet AND spicy? Add on a boudoir session to blow the socks off your soon to be hubby! Click the photo to check out what you don't want to be missing :)

relive your adventure

Elopement Films

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much more value a video would add to your big day!

The icing on the
cake fight...



if you

"makes you the person you want to be, instead of the person you are, and that, the idea of life without him is, not only unbearable, its unimaginable," then we are ready to chat!

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