Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer 

Based in Wisconsin but willing to travel wherever your story may take us. Whether you are looking for family portraits, an elopement photographer,  or just someone to capture your personality and/or brand. I thrive to tell your story as authentically as you live it.

If you're looking to remain candid in an overly curated world, you're right where you need to be.

I never wanted to be the standard photographer. Family photographer. Wedding photographer. Portrait photographer. And I still don't.

Photography was designed to capture the essence of a moment, an emotion, a life.

The goal here is never to stand still and look pretty, it's to create total and absolute magic!

No fake hype, no false pretense, just the realness and purity of life. 

Let's GET IT!

A mix of Lorelai Gilmore and Chandler Bing. Ready to bring some spit ball sarcasm and quick wit into any and all things.  I have a closet full of clothes, but a baggy tee and sweats are all I really need. Will proudly wear a MAGA hat while others might be too afraid. I am unapologetically honest and stand for what I believe. I'm not afraid to shake things up and see where they lead.

I can be a little spicy at times but prefer things sweet. I also like to rhyme, so click here if you want to...

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The Elopement Experience

Your big day is about one thing and one thing only, your love for one another.  Whether you're surrounded by immediate family and a few friends or just me, the two of you and maybe a few seaguls or dolphins. It is time to capture the real laughter, the true emotions and the genuine connection the two of you share. Be it on a mountain top or at the edge of the sea, let's embrace the adventure, where ever it may lead!

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Branding & Artist Portraits

Whether you're an artist needing a new album cover or an entrepreneur that wants to make your business SHINE! I am here to tell YOUR story, how you want it told, every time. 

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Because you're more than just a pretty face, we are going to do things my way; showing you how to be comfortable in your own skin and capturing everything that makes you undeniably sexy.

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I get it, your kids can't pay attention for more than 2 seconds, your dogs want to be included but keep getting distracted, and your husband is only doing this because you bribed him somehow. Cues "Magic" by B.O.B

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Love Notes


“Sarah can make a model out of anyone! And she makes you feel SO comfortable in front of the camera.”

- Brooke D.


Ready SetBook

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Watertown, WI
45 minute studio session
Hair & Makeup Included
3 Day Turnaround
35+ edits

Summer Boudoir MiniSpecial